How managing the combo mig welder and plasma cutter ?

Trickstoknow.comConnaissez-vous la technologieHow managing the combo mig welder and plasma cutter ?

In welding, the combination of certain materials can be useful in performing a task. However, there are some golden rules that should not be broken. To combine the Mig welder and the plasma cutter, there are some prerequisites that you need to know.

Master the operation of both devices

Before you can claim to use a device safely, it is important that you first understand how it works. For this, take the Mig welder and the plasma cutter separately. Research each one.

Usually, this type of device has a manual. They contain in detail the different stages of use. However, you can take your research differently. If you are more of a practical nature, you may want to get closer to someone who usually uses these devices. You will be able to follow it directly and see what it does with it.

To optimize your research, you can also take a look at the internet. Today there are several welders exhibiting their work. By specifying your search, there is a good chance you will come across a video explaining in detail how you can use these devices.

However, this theoretical phase which includes research and analysis is only the first step. Indeed, there are other actions that you will have to take in order to be able to manage the Mig welder and the plasma cutter.

Take tests to apply what you have learned

Once you have mastered the process by which each device works and the various things you can do with it, you will be able to move on to the next phase. The latter concerns testing. For this part, you will have to prepare yourself physically. For this you will need:

  • A solder mask: it will protect your face and especially your eyes against sparks.
  • Protective gloves: it will protect your fingers against burns and help you hold the device firmly.
  • A garment for welding: this is usually a specialized suit that provides protection for the rest of the body.

For starters, you should take it easy. It is also advisable that you get assistance for added security. If you have any doubts, you obviously have the right to stop the work to consult your guide again.

On the other hand, it is also important that you start with small jobs before moving on to larger ones. Once you have fully integrated the operating mode, you can then move on to the application phase.

Take the practical phase

The practical phase, as the name suggests, is the moment when you will actually apply everything you have learned. Before getting to this step, you must first successfully pass the test phase. This allows you to understand the operating mode of the Mig welder and the plasma cutter.

For starters, you will still need the physical protections you had done at the previous level. Once you are ready, you will be able to activate the device and begin welding. At the end of all these experiences, you will become able to manage the Mig welder combination and the plasma cutter without any inconvenience and without any assistance.

In short, to achieve your goal, you will need to have curiosity, patience, and determination.

Welding : what are the necessary tools ?

Welding consists in assembling metal parts while ensuring their continuity. To achieve a perfect joint, it is essential to have a powerful device. If you don’t have any equipment for this purpose yet, here is how to choose among the welding machines available on the market. There are also other accessories needed to protect yourself during the welding process.

Which soldering station to choose?

The choice of a welding machine takes into account the material to be welded, its size and the intensity of the work. If you have a powerful tool, it will be easy for you to find a job of welder. In this case, select the device according to your needs through the following models:

  • An arc welder also called electrode welder consists in melting the material under the effect of heat. It works on electricity supply. Some models adapted to amateurs have a power of 220 V. However, for an intensive and regular use, the three-phase device supplied by a 380 V current is indicated.
  • A TIG welding machine: it is so recommended to make fine welds on stainless steel rods or steel sheets.
  • A MIG-MAG (Metal Inert Gas/ Metal active Gas) welding machine: Ideal for joining two materials in copper or steel, this machine is recommended for the assembly of all types of metals. Its difference with the classic machine lies in the presence of a gas diffuser system. Also, with this device, the wire to be welded advances automatically as soon as the temperature of the electric arc increases.

What are the essential protective accessories?


Welding or any other operation involving heat is risky and requires the use of proper protective equipment. Before starting, it is advisable to wear welding masks to prevent the risk of facial burns and other accident . Also, it is recommended to wear glasses with lenses designed according to EN 175, EN 169 and EN 379.
In addition to the face, the hands should also be protected from high temperatures and electrical conduction. In this case, it is recommended to wear welding gloves according to EN 12 477. For optimal protection, make sure you wear quality protective clothing or welding PPE. And don’t forget to wear armored shoes to avoid any risks during welding. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from professionals to equip yourself with the appropriate protective accessories.