What is voluntary health insurance ?

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Voluntary health insurance is a collective prepayment scheme. The funds are transferred there on a voluntary basis. Then they are pooled separately. Find out more details on voluntary health insurance here!

The missions of voluntary health insurance

The mission of voluntary health insurance is to protect the health of everyone. It supports policyholders throughout their life. If the latter are not employees, it strengthens the mechanisms to protect them.

In addition, it works for the regulation of the health system. In addition, it seeks, on a permanent basis, to reconcile the best cost of care and the best quality. To do this, it carries out analyzes in the field. To improve the efficiency of the system put in place, it works with health establishments, companies, professionals, and several other actors.

The conditions for benefiting from voluntary health insurance

The conditions for voluntary health insurance vary depending on the type of insurance.

For continued voluntary health insurance

If a person joins the CCSS and this membership ceases, he or she can apply for membership in voluntary continued insurance. For example, after a partnership breakdown, a partner has the possibility of benefiting from it. To do this, he must be at least 18 years old. Then, if he terminates membership within eight days, a period of six months is considered continuous. Thus, he will have to wait until the end of this period to subscribe a new affiliation.

For optional voluntary health insurance

If a person does not have health risk protection, they can apply for voluntary health insurance. For example, an unemployed person has the possibility of benefiting from voluntary health insurance. To do this, he must not have obtained other health coverage for another reason.

The terms of voluntary health insurance

Voluntary health insurance contains several modalities.

The affiliation request

The affiliation request is made by mail. Thus, the applicant will have to complete an admission application form. Then, he sends it to the CCSS within three months from the month following the loss of membership. The date of disaffiliation must be specified in the letter. Then, he must carefully keep his social security card and the identification number he held. If he is affiliated with voluntary continued health insurance, he will receive benefits in kind from the health insurance.


From the third month following the termination of the compulsory membership, the affiliate must pay the contributions. Payment is made by bank transfer at the end of each month. If the applicant authorizes it, an automatic debit will be made from their account.

End of membership

When the affiliated person no longer wants to benefit from voluntary health insurance, he must send a termination request to the CCSS. This is done through the exit declaration form. The latter can be sent by email, fax, or by regular mail.

In addition, in the event of non-payment of contributions on two consecutive dates, the voluntary health insurance ends automatically. It will therefore be necessary to ensure this parameter by subscribing to such insurance.