How much does student housing insurance cost ?

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Every accommodation in France require a housing insurance from the tenant or the landlords. Hopefully, student can benefit from tailored attractive insurance plans that will offer them cheaper options.

What will change the price of your student housing insurance?

When we talk about insurance rates, there are many things to take into consideration. The truth is, an insurance plan can vary from one price to 5 times that price. The cost of an insurance will depend more on the options and the location than the insurance company, but here is a list of the main things that will affect your insurance plan:

– The number of item covered

– The location of the housing

– The duration of the plan

– The insurance company

Depending on those factors, a rough estimate of your housing rate will vary anywhere from €20 per year to about €100 per year for the best coverage.

The first thing that will affect the price of your housing insurance is the plan you choose. Each plan include the coverage of a package of items. Most insurance company offer different packages to choose from, and the more expensive the package, the more item come on top of the basic plan, just like phone plans.


The price of student housing insurance with different items

The first price for an insurance plan is usually called a basic plan or an essential formula. Essential plans for students can vary from €20/room/year to €50/room/year.

For the basic plan, there is a set of basic options or items, which will stay more or less the same whatever the company is. First, they will have the legal protection, to cover for expenses in case you need to go to court.

Then, you will have a certain amount of money worth of furniture to choose to cover. The higher the amount you want to cover, the higher the rate will be. On the basic plans, this furniture will be insured in case of fire, water damage or natural disasters.

The next kind of items you can expect from the mid-range plans usually include civil liability, that will add from €5 to €8 per year to your plan. This will cover the damages you caused to third parties in private life.

On the plans with the most coverage, you can expect to be insured in case of burglary, electrical damage or glass breakage; this will bring the cost of your yearly plan to a total of €44 to €52.

Sometimes you get to cherry-pick your own options, with an addition of a few euros each month.

Whatever plan or insurance company you choose, always check the maximal warranty they can pay you back, and how much is deductible for each item.

The city, the floor, the type of the building can affect the cost as well. You will need to do simulation to find out more about your specific situation.

Finally, if you subscribe to an insurance plan for a month, 6 months or a year, this will also affect the price. The longer, the cheaper.