How to write a proposal for team building ?

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In recent years, many companies have understood that developing a collective winning spirit is essential to improve their performance. It was from this perspective that the concept of team building was born. Are you looking to use this system in your business? Find out how to write a team building proposal.

Before writing

To be relevant, the writing of a team building proposal must follow certain standards. This is why you should first write down all of your goals before you start writing. Then define what you aspire to by setting up this team building and the benefits that your company can derive from it. Also define all of your business issues, if any, or all of your business needs. This will reassure you that you are not making this proposal to add burdens to your business.

Also, a list of companies in which the realization of a team building activity has been positive must be defined. Feel free to add photos or other supporting media. Finally, you need to mention budgeting. This is an essential step. You must have an idea of ​​what such an operation is going to cost you. The most practical is to hand over the work to an event organizer. Otherwise, an in-house operation is also possible.

In fact, check if you have a sufficient budget before setting up a team building. Above all, take into account that you must write your proposal focusing on the realities of the business. You must therefore avoid any “copy and paste” proposal.

The actual writing stage

Certain information must necessarily appear on the letter of proposal. First, you need to clarify the context of team building. This includes the recovery context. In case your business is going through a crisis, it can be used to raise the potential of workers, encourage them to persevere. The contexts of integration are also important. If you receive new members in your team, a team building will serve to facilitate their integration. Also, specify the motivational context. After a period of great success recorded by the members of your team, a team building can be used to motivate them. It is a reward and recognition operation.

In addition, during the drafting, you must define the expected results. To do this, specify if you are seeking to promote team cohesion. In this case, an internal organization may be sufficient. You will just have to organize collective meals (for a small company) or meals between services (for a large company). Indicate if you are looking to develop a collective team spirit. Here, an event organization company will be more suitable. She will organize outdoor meetings on a cyclical basis with a schedule in line with your aspirations.

After defining the expected results, talk about the form of team building (several forms exist). We must cite the theme. It takes into account the management of time and stress. The other form is relaxation which takes into account sports or adventure games. You also have the artistic form which can relate to theater, cinema, etc.

Finally, justify the expenses. Indeed, you must prove the necessity of having to spend on such an activity. Do not forget to specify the period of the realization of the team building. You can choose hours during the working day. Otherwise, take celebratory days, but with the consent of the staff.

You now know how to write a team building proposal. Don’t hesitate to set SMART goals for yourself: Specific, Measurable, Ambitious, Realistic, and Timely.