What to do with old wedding dress ?

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You have experienced the joy of a wedding ceremony worthy of a true princess. You have certainly invested in an unforgettable dress like most brides. Now you are wondering what to do with it now that the ceremony is a memory. Find out what you can do with an old wedding dress.

Rent your old wedding dress

Renting your wedding dress after the wedding ceremony is arguably one of the most cost-effective solutions. This allows you to keep this romantic jewel that brings you so many memories. In addition, you can take advantage of the rental fees to recover a good portion of the cost of purchasing the dress.

There are many platforms today that you can use to rent out your wedding dress. You can get closer to some specialized shops to offer your dress to the bride and groom. You also have the option of registering on sites for the sale and rental of used items.

Resell your wedding dress

You realize the dress takes up space, and you don’t plan to postpone it anyway. You have the possibility of reselling it at a rather attractive price. It should still be remembered that the selling price will be significantly higher than the rental. You should also be prepared not to resell it for the same price as you bought it.

There are several sites that offer used items for sale. Here you will find clothes, shoes, dresses and many other accessories. You can offer your wedding dress there for the bride and groom. It is also possible to contact the wedding planner agencies to offer the rental of your wedding dress. It could help a future couple on a budget.

Alter your wedding dress

You have certainly opted for a bespoke wedding dress for your ceremony. Unfortunately, today it is of no use to you when you don’t want to part with it. You have the option of redoing it to reuse it for more interesting purposes. This allows you to be quite original during certain outings.

It is recommended that you entrust your wedding dress to a specialist seamstress. She will take care of removing the elements that give a wedding connotation to your dress. So you can match your dress with jewelry and glamorous fabrics for an evening. You can tint it too, but take the time to think about it.

Other ideas for using your wedding dress

In several traditions, it is recommended to keep the wedding dress to give it to your daughter for her wedding. Thus, the dress will be passed on from generation to generation. In case you don’t have a daughter, the dress could be passed on to your son’s bride-to-be. However, the latter should be the same size as you and agree to wear it. It is also possible to have a pajama party with married girlfriends. This is a good opportunity to relive the joys and memories of the wedding ceremony.

Whatever use you make of your wedding dress, be sure to keep it clean and away from moisture.