How to install plugins on a spigot server ?

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Several methods exist to install plugins in the Spigot server. You can install them from the server site, but you can also do other things like using FTP. Let’s take a look at the different methods to achieve this.

The process of installing a plugin on a spigot server

To add plugins to the spigot server, you will need to download them from the site from this link Once on the plugins download page, you need to choose the downloaded jar file and then move it to the plugins’ subfolder of your server. You must restart the server to complete the installation of the plugin.

There is another method to install a plugin in the spigot server. To use it, you must first have a working and configured server. If the server is not configured, you must consult the “configure a server” page before downloading the plugin to the spigot server. You first place the jar file and all other files in the plugins’ folder. Then you start the server execution. You wait for the upload to complete. Finally, you will click reload in your Minecraft server console to restart the server. The plugin will install and work.

How to install a plugin by FTP

To install a plugin in the spigot server by FTP, you must follow a procedure that consists of following a number of instructions. Here, we will take the example of the essential plugin to perform an installation by FTP.

Thus, you will have to use the firezilla software. If, however, it is not available, you are required to download it. It is this software that allows you to connect to your server so that you can check the type of server you have in the configuration menu. Then you click on the plugins button to access the installation menu. In the search bar, you will choose the plugin: essentials. As soon as you access it, you will see all the versions of the Essentials plugin that are available. You will therefore click on the arrow symbol in order to install this type of plugin. During the installation, you will need to be patient, as it can take time.

If the Essentials plugin does not install, the console will indicate this with an error message in red. You must then delete the old essentials jar file in the plugins section. Then, you will use the link that leads to the updated version There, you download the Essentials-2.x-SNAPSHOT.jar / plugin.

After this step, you will go to the FTP / MySQL menu in order to access the connection information.

Subsequently, you will proceed to launch Firezilla by entering the FTP accesses which allow the connection to be made. You will first get the downloaded Essentials file, then send it to the plugins’ folder on the Spigot server. After this last step, you must restart the file for the Essentials plugin to launch.

Plugins, feature enhancement tools, can be installed by several methods in a spigot server. You now know some of them.