Is there in house free estimate ?

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Many homeowners want to sell their property for a high price to make a lot of profit. Others, on the other hand, sell at a low price because they had wrongly priced their property. It is therefore important to estimate a house at its fair value before putting it up for sale. Is it possible to do it for free on the internet? Here’s everything you need to know about this.

Estimate your house online without paying anything

To make a real estate estimate, the most common method is to use a notary or a real estate agency. Today, it is possible to do it yourself on the internet. Many online sites offer a free property appraisal. It is a step that the owner can take upstream to get a rough idea of ​​the price of his house. In addition, this type of estimate can be made without registration and does not require any commitment. It is for this reason that it is more and more carried out by the owners. The valuation of the property is based on the prices charged on the real estate market and on the characteristics of the property.

How does an online estimate work?

The free estimate of the property is recommended before obtaining that of the real estate professional. Its purpose is to give a price that is fairly close to that charged on the market. The latter can be used for a house as for an apartment. Online estimation sites will do a simulation based on two criteria. The first criterion concerns the location of the property which is a crucial factor in estimating the price. Indeed, in terms of house, the price per m² is higher in some regions than in others. It is, therefore, necessary to specify the city, the district, the name, the number of the street and possibly the number of the apartment.

Also, mention the characteristics of the property. It is a question here of filling in all the elements specific to the house. Therefore, the owner must enter the area of ​​the property, its nature, and its category (new or old). It will also be necessary to specify the number of rooms and the existence or not of a swimming pool, a garden, a terrace, or a balcony. Remember to fill in all the characteristics of the house exactly. Online estimation for a price can then begin.

Why estimate your home online?

The first advantage of the online estimate is that it is free and without obligation. The owner gets a real appraisal in no time. In addition, online simulators are designed to be easy to use. So you don’t have to be a real estate professional or computer expert to use this method. The site is accessible on all electronic media (computer, smartphone tablet) and from all browsers.

You benefit from the accuracy of the results obtained by estimating your property online. The simulators are reliable and correspond to the realities of the real estate market. At the end of the simulation, the owner receives an email indicating the result of the latter. He can thus have at his disposal the price of the real estate valuation of his property. Do not hesitate to consult a real estate agent to corroborate the free expertise of the property.

In short, there are several methods for making a free estimate of a property. The online one remains non-binding and free.