How to get contracts for my web agency ?

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Most businesses need a web agency for their internet presence or e-reputation. With the development of new technologies, these specialized structures have multiplied, thus creating greater competition in the market. Thus, to have contracts, you will have to stand out from all the others who work in the same field as you. Here are some avenues you can take advantage of!


Word of mouth is one of the best ways to win business. As a result, you can count on your first customers to talk about you around them. However, it will not be an easy task. It is imperative that you provide high-quality service to be able to profit from word of mouth.

Customers won’t hesitate for a second before advertising your advertisement. Be sure they will recommend you. You can also ask for their help so that they can talk about you on their social networks.

However, rest assured, most of the time, you won’t have to ask them. Be satisfied with satisfying your customers, the contracts will follow.

Besides the recommendation, advertisements are good ways to find new contracts. Your site will be the first showcase. Depending on its presentation and ergonomics, future partners can get an idea of ​​you. When you want to have contracts, put a finger on the quality of your showcase site.

Then you can get help through the many existing communication channels. For this, you can post your achievements on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The idea is to make yourself known so that a customer can contact you for a service.

Offer tailor-made services

Customers are looking for the entity that can provide them with the most advanced services. They also know that there are two types of web agencies: generalist web agencies and specialized web agencies. Generalist entities will not provide the same services as specialized agencies which have a perfect command of their area of ​​expertise.

Even if the two types of entities manage to provide the same services, the difference will be in some small details. Therefore, when you offer tailor-made services, you are more likely to find contracts than when you stay in general.

Provide downloadable resources

To hope to have contracts with your customers, you can opt for lead generation. As these are contacts that we hope to convert into customers, you need to produce tailor-made content that is tailored to them. When you know the type of contracts you’re looking for, it’s easier to orient your content to engage your prospects.

Most of the time, some agencies also offer white papers. However, their development is time-consuming and costly. Instead, you can make use of calculators and templates. These are also easier to set up and can also provide the customer with good information. Finally, adopting “marketing automation” will allow you to improve the lead generation process and win many more contracts. It is a technique that automates advertising campaigns.